Happy New Year! The beginning of the year is a time where many of us will be setting new goals with gusto and creating New Year's Resolutions. Do you feel you need to hit the reset button on your body though, before you launch into your new goals and aspirations for 2017? If you overindulged at Christmas, drank the entire year's worth of alcohol in two weeks or just want to kick start some new healthy habits, this 2 week Body Reset Detox is just the ticket. 


Experience glowing skin, improved sleep, increased performance and recovery, less stress, a settled gut, increased energy levels and feel more vital than ever. You may also shift those stubborn kilos that you just haven’t been able to budge.

Do you wake up craving coffee? Have 3:30itis and need a sugary pick-me-up? This detox will help to cut cravings and reset your body so it’s not reliant on sugar and caffeine for energy.

This is a safe two week detox to reboot your system and get your health back on track after the holiday period.

This cleanse will help to rid your body of bad bacteria in the gut, a common source of toxicity. It will also assist liver and kidney detoxification as well as determine any foods that you may be intolerant to and that are impacting your health and vitality.

Our liver and digestive health impacts every aspect of our wellbeing. If you are overweight, have poor energy, skin issues, joint pain, digestive problems, mood disorders such as depression or just always getting sick, its more than likely your gut and/or liver health is out of shape and needs to be addressed. This is the perfect time to press the reset button and get your health back on track. 

Why should we detox?

Cleansing or detoxing simply means to give your body a break. It also involves providing your body’s natural detoxification and elimination systems – namely the liver, kidneys and digestive system - with the nutrients they need to make these processes as efficient as possible. When these systems are functioning optimally, you feel and look your best. 

A cleanse or detox simply enhances our body’s natural ability to eliminate accumulated toxins.

The modern world we live in means we are constantly bombarded with a range of different toxins, often more than our body can handle. There are many different sources of toxicity in our environment including foods  (pesticides, herbicides, mercury, processed & chemicalised food), the air we breathe (pollution, sprays, deodorants etc) and chemicals we use in our home and put on our skin. We also bombard the liver with additional substances it has to deal with, such as alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar and medications.

To achieve your health goals, it is vital to rid the body of accumulated toxins, aid the liver’s detoxification processes and promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut. This is done through an appropriate nutrition plan and specific supplementation.


What does it involve? 

This plan removes foods that cause inflammation in the body, as it is this inflammatory response that leads to ill health. It also eliminates foods that burden the liver and may cause common health problems like digestive issues, fatigue, weight gain and brain fog. 

That means no gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, caffeine and alcohol

If you have had a diet quite high in these foods, expect to feel pretty average for a few days. It’s common to experience headaches, severe fatigue and to feel a bit achy. Do not be deterred though! These symptoms generally only last 2-5 days and once you come out the other side, you feel better than you’ve ever felt!

I say to my clients that it's just 2 short weeks out of your very long life. Your coffee or glass of wine will still be there waiting for you after a measly fourteen days! 


High grade, practitioner only supplements are an essential component to this detox program. They are taken every morning and evening for the duration the program. They don’t necessarily taste incredible but they do provide your body with all the necessary nutrients and herbs required to assist the detoxification process. 

No Supplement Option - if you would like to do this 2 week Detox without the supplements, that is ok too. It will still do your body good by removing the foods above. I do, however, highly recommend the supplements to assist the process and give you that extra boost your body needs. 

What you receive:

I’ve made it as easy as possible for you, so there is no guesswork involved.

In this program you will receive:

  • High grade, practitioner only supplements 

        (Free shipping of supplements)

  • 15 minute phone consult to discuss current health status, goals etc.
  • 48 Page Booklet -

·       Instructions + guidelines

·      Full meal plan

·      Shopping List

·      "Foods Allowed" & "Foods To Avoid" List

·      Additional Lifestyle advice and detox practices 

·      Full Recipe index and a "Cooking Basics" Manual  




The cost of the Body Reset Detox is largely due to the essential high-grade, practitioner-only supplements provided. 

Although the supplements aren't overly cheap, think of the money you will be actually saving without coffee, alcohol, take away and processed foods? 

For the No Supplement Option, this is $50 for the diet plan booklet and recipes as well as the 15 minute consultation. 

Don't be ordinary. Challenge yourself and discover how good you can really feel! 

So, who is with me?

To book your spot or for more information, please contact me at