Private Health Insurance rebates are available. 



(Four week Program)

This package is ideal for individuals looking for a basic level of support but still require structure from a meal plan, recipes, food prep instructions and supplementation advice. 


  • Initial  consultation (1 hour) : Here we will discuss your health history, current health status and nutrition, assess food diary and determine your goals and specific plan for you. 
  • Pre-questionnaire and post questionnaire review
  •  A fully personalised nutrition plan, supplementation advice and tailored recipes
  • Ongoing email support for the duration of the program (4 weeks)
  • Skype or phone consultation at the end of program to review progress

This program can be done entirely online for those not near by.



(Eight week program)

This offers a high level of support to ensure you have all the tools to achieve your health and wellbeing goals. If you need structure, accountability, tracking and someone to answer those questions as you work towards your goal, this is the program for you!


  • Initial consultation (60 minutes) : Here we will discuss your health history, current health       status and nutrition, assess food diary and determine your goals and specific plan for you. 
  • Four follow up consultations (30 minutes) throughout the program
  • A fully personalised  nutrition plan to suit your goals, supplementation advice and tailored     recipes
  • Ongoing email support for duration of the program (8 weeks)



Get your glow back, enhance recovery and boost your energy! 


  • Initial consultation  (30 minutes) -  available face-to-face or skype - here we will discuss your      health history, current health status and nutrition. We will determine the correct plan of action specific to you.
  • two, four or six weeks of high grade practitioner only supplements 
  • ·Pre-detoxification Testing - zinc tally test and pre-questionnaire      
  • Diet and Symptom Diary
  • Detox Manual including program guidelines, meal plan, meal prep instructions, shopping lists, detox-specific recipes, 'cooking basics' guidelines, exercise and lifestyle recommendations as well as additional detox practices.  
  • Follow up consultation (30 minutes) - we will review your results and set long term guidelines to continue to progress you towards your optimal health outcomes.

Investment: The cost of these programs are largely due to the high-grade practitioner only supplements provided that are essential for these cleanses. 

Although the supplements aren't overly cheap, think of the money you will be actually saving without coffee, alcohol, take away and processed foods? 


Types of Detoxes



(For generally healthy people)

The two week FAST TRACK detox is for individuals who are looking to optimise their current state of good health and do not suffer from digestive or chronic health concerns. It is for those that are generally healthy but feel they need a boost to their health. Have you recently over-indulged and feel you need a good 'spring clean'? This program is for you! 



(Gut and Liver detox - suitable for most individuals)

Bloated and uncomfortable? Tired all the time? Digestive issues? Skin issues? Not recovering from training? The 4 Week Comprehensive Detox is just the ticket. 

This program improves gut and liver function, as well as overall health and vitality. It is suitable for anyone looking to take their health to that next level. 

This program will rid your body bad bacteria and potential parasites, alleviating any digestive symptoms and bloating. It will also determine any foods that you may be intolerant to and that are impacting your health and vitality. Expect better energy levels, clearer skin and even weight loss during this detox. 



(Gut, liver or heavy metal detox)

This is an extended six week detox program that focuses on either gut, liver or heavy metal detoxification. A questionnaire will be conducted in your initial consultation to determine which is the best program for you. This involves a big commitment and a deep level of detoxification but the sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and epic health results at the end are well worth it! 

Specialised Gut Detox: This is ideal for those who suffer from chronic or extensive digestive symptoms, or experience digestive conditions and imbalances in gut flora that negatively impact on health and wellbeing.

Specialised Liver Detox: This is suitable for those with a high level of chemical exposure or who require additional liver support to improve health.

Specialised Chelation Detox: This program is to support individuals exposed to heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, mercury or cadmium. This program enhances the removal of heavy metals.


Unsure of the right program for you? Book your free 15-minute phone consultation here

If you don't require a structured meal plan or ongoing online support, individual consultations are also available (meal plans are available if required). 

Initial Consultation (1 hour): $120

Follow - up (30 - 50 mins): $65 - $85