My Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is something I believe is vital for your daily success. It involves creating a ritual with some small habits that will improve your overall life.  It’s that piece of calm in your day, where you choose exactly what YOU want to do and puts you in the right mindset to tackle the challenges of a busy day ahead. It might just be just one habit, like drinking warm water with lemon, or a collection of things.


Here is my morning routine. There are certainly days that involve impromptu brekkies with my fiancé and friends or I sneak in some training.  This is what my morning usually looks like though.


1. I wake up at 6am but I don’t look at my phone – I leave it on Flight Mode until I am ready to start the working day.


2. I have a glass of water and then it is straight out the door to take Henry the Hungarian Visla for a big walk along the beach. If I don’t do this first thing, he is mental for the rest of the day.

3. Meditate – I do this for 15-20 minutes. I use the One Giant Mind app on my phone. For those starting out though, Headspace is also a great app.


4. Cold shower – At the moment, I am going completely cold for my entire shower. Cold exposure has shown to:

·      boost immunity

·      improve your tolerance to stress

·      increase mitochondria growth which means greater energy levels

·      increase sensitivity to endorphins, your happy hormones, so you feel damn good!


 5. Greens powder – for that extra daily boost of greens. I use Green Superfoods Powder by Greens Nutritionals


6. Breakfast – this depends on what I’m doing for the day or how hungry I’m feeling.  It might be a big breakfast of something like eggs, avocado, veggies and saurkraut or just a cup of bone broth if I’m not so hungry and decide to intermittently fast that morning. (I will make up this meal at 11:30-12pm).


7. Five Minute Journal.   A friend gave this to me and it’s been the most useful gift. This is a gratitude journal with a structured format. It means I start the day focusing on the good in my life, being mindful and living with intention. When you feel grateful, it’s impossible to feel stress or fear at the same time.

2016-10-28 08.48.04.jpg

I strongly encourage you to find a morning routine that works for you and enjoy every day to the fullest.