The Truth About Fats

This is another post I wrote for the awesome team over at CrossFit Soul Rebel. Knowing the truth about dietary fats is fundamental to your overall knowledge of nutrition, so again, I wanted to share it with everyone. Head on over the CrossFit Soul Rebel blog to have a read. 

This week we are talking about fats – the different types, why we need them and how you can add the right ones into your diet.

There has been a lot of controversy around dietary fats and they certainly have been demonized over the last thirty or forty years. Many people are fearful of fat, and I’m not surprised, given that it has been jammed into us to eat a low-fat diet, (particularly saturated fat), and eat more “healthy whole grains” (breads and cereals). But instead of improving the rates of lifestyle-related diseases, the rates of illnesses like obesity and heart disease have skyrocketed. Clearly we have been getting it wrong!

It turns out, fat isn’t our foe after all, but our friend. The health benefits of including natural fats into your diet are not only extremely positive, but absolutely essential.

Here are just some of the reasons why fat is so important in your diet:

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