Pregnancy Series // Labour Aid Recipe

Also a whole foods sports drink!

Depending on the type of labour, some women may be able to eat light and nourishing foods to keep energy levels up during early stages of labour. As labour progresses though, eating food is often the last thing a labouring woman can think about.

Staying hydrated, however, is extremely important, just like it is with any intense physical activity or exertion. Similarly to endurance events, your fluids must contain electrolytes. Not only do they assist the hydration process, they are required for muscle contractions. Without them, muscles become weak and contractions of the uterus can be less effective.

To be honest, I did not think about food or drink once during my ten hour labour, it was all systems go from the start!  This drink was, however, an absolute god send afterwards. I was so thirsty and dehydrated but water just did not cut it. It was so delicious and thirst quenching, I wish I made a few more bottles!

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