The CrossFit Open: 5 Steps To Recovery

Please note: This is for your serious CrossFit competitor. If you are doing the Open to challenge yourself and have fun without aspirations to get to Regionals, check out this blog here. Requirements for everyday athletes are very different to competitive athletes with different training goals and regimes.  

In addition, recovery strategies should be based on the individual’s workload, the fuel used during the session, body size, body composition and the period of time before the next training session or event. 


When it comes to the CrossFit Open, recovery is everything. Not only do you have to perform at your best in the Open Workouts, (possibly repeating them a number of times to better your score!) but most CrossFit athletes will continue with normal training, which often involves long and grueling sessions.

If you want to kill it in the Open and not completely burn out by the time Regionals roll around (if that’s your goal) then having a focus on your daily recovery is vital.

Here are the 5 steps to optimal recovery after your training and workouts.

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