New Year Resolutions? Set Daily Non-Negotiables Instead

We are two weeks in to 2016 and no doubt we’ve all set New Year resolutions, with the best of intentions to stick to them for the rest of the year. Many of us have had a decent binge over Christmas, so often these resolutions are based around never drinking ever, ever again, cutting out sugar for good or starting some form of new, crazy exercise routine. Unfortunately, these resolutions are often unrealistic and end up being broken within weeks, leaving us feeling deflated, guilty and like we have ‘failed’. It really doesn’t have to be this way.

The easiest way to integrate wellness into our lives is to make simple, step-by-step changes each day. I encourage you to ditch the New Year Resolutions and set yourself Daily Non-Negotiables instead. 


What are daily non-negotiables?


These are habits you commit to doing each day, no matter what. By choosing a few things to do everyday, you have your healthy bases covered. Even if you have some slip ups, you still know that you have done some positive things for your health over the course of the day.


As an example, here are a few of my daily non-negotiables:


Apple cider vinegar and water in the morning

This stimulates the liver and aids digestion. If I don’t have ACV, I just have a big glass of water first thing to rehydrate.


Five or more serves of vegetables every day

This includes lots of greens! I achieve this by ensuring I have a two cups with every meal, including breakfast.



Movement is a big part of my life. I do at least 1 hour per day, everyday. This can be a high intensity/Crossfit work out, a movement-style workout or simply a walk or yoga.



2 litres of water per day and plenty of herbal teas


No refined sugar or gluten

These foods are inflammatory to our bodies and I just don’t feel too good when I eat them!



I take a high quality fish oil and probiotic, as well as magnesium at night



I do twenty minutes of meditation first thing in the morning, as soon as I wake up. That way, I know it’s done and it brings a sense of clarity and centeredness to the rest of my day.


I strongly encourage you to choose some healthy habits that you can incorporate into your day (without too much difficulty!) and I promise you it will make a huge impact to your overall health.