To me, nutrition is not a diet, its not paleo, vegan or bound by certain parameters. Food must be about the individual, not about the theory.

Ninety-five percent of diets fail because people adopt them for a short period of time but expect a long-term result. This simply defies logic and is destined for failure.


Instead, I help you to find the best nutrition and lifestyle plan that works for YOU. No two people are the same so no advice should be the same!


I help people get back in touch with their bodies and it’s natural intelligence. So many of us can no longer hear the signals of what our body is telling us, but relearning and resetting these natural signals is the key to your health goals such as weight loss, improved energy, better moods, less stress and great digestion.


My approach is holistic and all encompassing. Whilst my focus is on nutrition, I believe this is only one component to wellness. We will also address stress, sleep, movement and lifestyle habits, the pillars to optimal health. By finding the right balance between these aspects of health as well as the food one eats, people experience gradual but sustainable improvements in their health and vitality.


Wholefoods are the aim of my game! Nature knows best so eat foods just as Mother Nature intended us to eat them. Eat the yolk with your egg whites guys! Ditch the packaged, processed foods and watch your health thrive. Get back to natural, whole foods with a high nutrient density. Not sure how to do this? That’s why I am here to help.


I don’t subscribe to calorie counting. This is because protein, carbohydrates and fat have very different hormonal responses on the body that either promote or discourage fat storage. It also can suck the enjoyment out of life if you ask me! Instead, I focus on food QUALITY and quantity will take care of itself.


I don’t focus on numbers. I think my approach is more intuitive. Our bodies know a lot more than what the Internet can tell us or calories and kilojoules.

Nutrition should be easy. My recipes are simple, quick and tasty. Nothing fancy, just good, wholesome everyday ingredients.


In a nutshell, my principles are:

·      Gluten and refined sugar free

·      No processed foods and industrialised seed oils (think canola oil!)

·      Limited amounts of dairy

·      Small amounts of non-gluten grains (like quinoa, millet, rice)

·      Lots of good fats

·      High quality meats and fish

·      1.5-2L of water every day (preferably filtered)

·      Treat yo’self – good quality dark chocolate, red wine, whatever floats your boat

·      Fermented foods for gut health

·      Loving relationships

·      Fulfilling life purpose

·      Movement every day

·      A spiritual practice (like yoga, meditation, deep belly breathing)