Pregnancy Exercise Update: Third Trimester

Since my last blog about the exercise I was doing in my second trimester (you can read it here), some things have changed. For one, I’ve got a lot bigger and have started to slow down! So I have adapted my training and exercise to suit my body’s needs.

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and I will hopefully continue this exercise routine until the baby arrives.


Walking – every day, at least 45 minutes

This is a non-negotiable for me every day. It helps that Henry our dog needs a walk every day but walking is one of the best types of movement you can do throughout pregnancy, particularly in the third trimester. Unfortunately many women suffer from pelvic pain/instability and walking may not be advised so check with your health professional whether this is right for you.

Along our walk I will also aim to do 100-150 air squats as I throw the ball for Henry! (update: this has really decreased in the last week as my knees are feeling very sore. Joint pain is common in the third trimester but it could also be from the extra weight!)

Elwood Beach. Just managing to still do up the jacket! 

Elwood Beach. Just managing to still do up the jacket! 


Gym (CrossFit) – twice per week

I no longer have the desire or energy to do any sort of CrossFit class or conditioning style workout. I still go into the gym about twice per week but I just do a range of different strength and mobility exercises.

For example, I will warm up by doing some glute activation work with a band – crab walks, toe taps, bridges etc. I will then do some deadlifts, back squats or squats with a kettle bell, ring rows, shoulder press or single leg squats to a bench. I’ll finish off with stretches and mobility, mainly focusing my hips e.g long squat holds 

image (68).jpeg


Pre-natal Pilates (twice per week)

I have actually never done Pilates until now! As my ability for other higher intensity exercise has reduced, I’ve found this to be the perfect way to move my body and maintain some sort of strength in a safe way.

I have been doing this instead of yoga as well, as it was getting a lot harder to maneuver around the bump (and the prenatal classes didn’t work with my schedule). It’s also nice to be around other pregnant women or mums with young bubs.



Daily posture

Now I am approaching the end of my pregnancy, I am conscious of how I am sitting to make sure the baby is in a good position for birth. I sit on the floor on a couple of cushions to eat my meals, with legs in a butterfly or out wide in a stretch. When I’m at a desk, I’m sitting on a fit ball. I’m minimizing the time reclining on the couch or chair and hanging out in a squat whenever I can. 

 If you are pregnant, I would love to hear what you forms of exercise you are doing! Send me a message on Instagram or facebook (links below. If you have questions, please email me at

Jo x