How My Diet Has Changed During Pregnancy

Nutrition is an ongoing journey and you have to keep evolving as your body, lifestyle and environment continues to change. What works for you today won’t necessarily work for you in one, two or five years from now. Pregnancy is a great example for the need to adapt your diet as your body and health changes.

If you have read my blog “Food Diaries of A Pregnant Dietitian” you know the struggle was real for me in the first trimester!

Now I’m into the second trimester and the nausea has passed, I am back to eating a regular, whole foods diet. There have, however, been some differences I have noticed to my usual eating patterns. To be honest, I haven’t consciously made many changes to my diet but I'm simply listening to what my body wants and just eating intuitively. That means the odd bowl of spag bol still gets a go from time to time! When I wrote down these changes though I noticed there was most likely a logical reason behind each one! Here is what’s changed so far (and my guess as to why):

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