Easy & Nourishing Meal Ideas For New Mums

When you’re baby arrives, your life may feel like it has turned upside down. The simplest tasks like eating and going to the toilet, seem difficult. I certainly didn’t realise how much of my time would be spent holding and feeding my baby! Often you only have one hand to do things – like eat food! – so having a few simple meals that can be eaten whilst nursing a baby can be handy. 

It is easy to forget about eating or not prioritising meals when all your focus is on your baby. But this is a vital time to get that food in. Your body is recovering from pregnancy, labour and birth (and possibly surgery), you may be breastfeeding and you are sleep deprived. Ensuring you are getting adequate food in will ensure you are feeling the best that you can and boost your energy levels. Breastfeeding alone requires an additional 500 calories to your usual food intake, which equates to a whole extra meal. That doesn’t even take into account the healing and recovery your body is going through too!

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