Pregnancy Series // Hospital Bag Checklist

For first time mums, it’s hard to know exactly what you will need for labour and hospital. I’ve had a few questions about what I packed, so here is my checklist. I’ve included what I used AND didn’t use.

I researched quite a few different lists but I still found I didn’t need certain items.

Keep in mind that everyone is different and what worked for me might be very different for you. I hope you find it somewhat useful though!



Things I used:

Birth plan

Hospital Booklet with consent forms

Tens Machine – I put this on at home 

Labour Aid /hydrolyte ( I used this AFTER delivery, I wish I had made more!)

Shower cap (I thought I would use this for labour when I got in the shower but it turned out I never used the shower – still a good idea though if you don’t want to look like a drowned rat post birth)

Camera – didn’t end up packing one but I wish we did! Phone is fine though


Things I packed but didn’t use for labour:

Doterra essential oils – (I didn’t even think about using these but I know they have helped others)

Music play list on phone – My husband just played some random music on his phone, I wasn’t paying much attention to what it was but it helped to make the birth suite less clinical and I remember it was really nice once Summer was on my chest




Things I used:

Light dressing gown – I got a summer one from K-Mart

Thongs– I wore bare feet most of the time but wore thongs to leave hospital. I didn’t take any other shoes and didn’t need them!

Cotton On singlet nightie – a soft jersey material – I lived in this and my dressing gown for the first two days

Leggings x 1 – soft Lululemon ones (called the Align Pant) that I wore all through pregnancy

Tracksuit pants (one size up) and zip up hoodie

1 x Long sleeved top

2 x Bonds Nursing Singlets with bra x 2

2 x Bonds nursing crop tops

Breast pads, cooling gel pads for sore nipples and nipple cream (Lansinoh)  

3 x Toms Maternity pads – I only took 2 packs, you will need 3!

8 pairs full brief black undies, one size up – from Bonds

Black Kookai Cardigan (to go home in and look semi-decent)

Phone charger

Basic toiletries - I put a spare toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush etc in a toiletries bag so it was ready to go


Things I packed but didn’t use for me

Oversized t-shirt for labour (old one) -  I didn't bother with clothes! 

Warm socks – I didn’t wear these at all but apparently feet can get cold during labour so it may be worth packing just in case


Things I used for baby:

Capsule / car seat

2 x bunny rugs/swaddles

4 x growsuits with feet and hand covers (only used 2)

4 x singlets (only used 2)

Warm baby blanket

50 Nappies and Water Wipes (check whether your hospital provides these or not)


Things I didn’t use for baby:

1 x sleep swaddle sack

Muslin squares

1x hat (only needed if your baby is premature) 



Change of clothes



All the best pregnant mummas! xx